Silverfrost FTN95

Silverfrost FTN95 5.4

With FTN95: you can create console based and Microsoft .NET applications
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Silverfrost FTN95 is a full Fortran 95 standards compliant compiler, capable of producing fast executables for Win32 and for Microsoft .NET. FTN95 ships with the world's best runtime checking and a great range of supporting software. All standard and many vendor-specific legacy language features are supported, so that Fortran projects may be any combination of Fortran 77, Fortran 90 and Fortran 95.
General Features:
* Full Fortran 95 language compatibility
* Comprehensive integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
* Standalone editor - Plato3
* The world's best runtime checking
* Very fast compilation speed
* Excellent compile-time diagnostics
* Full souce level debugging
* Builds console, Windows® and Microsoft .NET 1.1 and 2.0 applications

Windows® Specific Features:
* Visual Studio .NET integrated debugger
* Binary compatibility with FTN77 object and library code
* Complete I/O library compatibility with FTN77
* Inline Mnemonic Assembler using CODE...EDOC
* Microsoft Visual C++ Interoperability
* Salford C/C++ Interoperability
* GUI building with Salford Clearwin+
* Full support for REAL*10, COMPLEX*20
* Virtual Common
* Small EXE and OBJ files
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Microsoft .NET Specific Features:
* Full Fortran .NET debugging facilities
* Effortless porting of existing Fortran code to .NET
* No language restrictions
* Use Salford CHECKMATE technology within .NET programs
* Fast runtime performance
* Simple inter-language operability
* Recompile existing code and use it immediately with .NET
* No steep .NET learning curve to be negotiated
* Easily attach a .NET Windows Forms front end to a Fortran backend
* Create and manipulate .NET objects within Fortran
* See example .NET code and documentation
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